Unique production process!

Fukoff Information Process

Distilled and filtered countless times and exposed for 24 hours to extreme Fukoff noise with the sole intention to Fukoff impurities.

Proven to be the loudest vodka around.

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Fukoff F.A.Q.

What's a fukoff attitude?

Fukoff [fuko(:)f] ~ attitude - a non-violent transformation of impure energy into positive vibration of unity & peace.

Does "Fukoff" equal "Fuckoff"?

No, while fuckoff mostly expresses a negative or extreme attitude or situation, Fukoff, on the other hand represents a positive spirit and attitude.


We're not a big vodka company. Our annual production probably amounts a lot less than the big guys hand out for free. We started making it because we strongly believe that everybody should have the freedom to live supreme and to express themselves. This is our way.

We cannot compete with the offers the big beverage companies make and the only thing we can offer is to accept you into our circle, our tribe, with one share in the "Urban Tribe" company to all partnering bars as a symbol of long-term friendship.

Those who pour our vodka pour it because of the spirit and the idea it represents. Because they feel it's time for change, time to fukoff.

The nu revolution comes in peace.

Urban Tribe